The Vessel Is Available (With Skipper) For Anyone
Who Would Like To Charter Hercruises

A very wide spectrum of people sail in CARIS from young people to those retired. In most cases the boat is chartered by someone who organises a group to come with them. These groups include; families, youth/school kids, business folk, church groups, charities and many others. There are also open cruises where individuals can apply for a berth and meet new friends along the way.

Duration of Cruises

  • We do not operate with a fixed annual programme.
  • The boat can be booked for any period of time, as the diary allows.
  • We strive to be as flexible as possible to fit in with the various group’s schedules.
  • Normally cruise periods tend to be; weekend-five day-week-ten day-fortnight

Cruise Programmes

In consultation with the skipper, each group sets its own programme as to what it would like to do. Unless doing a long passage, most trips involve sailing during the day and being at anchor or in a harbour overnight.  Depending on the group and their needs, the programme can be made to be as relaxing as possible to very demanding. We try to meet people’s requirements as much as reasonably possible, weather and safety being the ultimate determining factor!

Some ways the boat has been used.

  • Just chilling out and getting away from it all
  • Team building and leadership training
  • Island hopping, to explore various islands
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Combi trip of golf/sailing
  • Combi trip of sail/walking
  • Corporate charter
  • Church and charity work
  • Schools work
  • Seeing wildlife

You can make up your own!

Expectations and Requirements

Our goal is for you to enjoy your time aboard CARIS not endure it! This means there are no ‘heavy’ expectations upon you to get involved in the running of the vessel. You can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Of course all are welcome to get as involved as they want to and this
can include setting the sails, steering the boat doing navigation etc.

Experience of sailing and boat handling is NOT required, complete novices are more than welcome. Basic sail training can be given to those who want it.