After twelve years involvement in charitable sailing activities Andrew Thompson established Quest for Life Trust in the year 2000. Soon after, Seventh Wave, a 49ft Hallberg Rassy yacht, was purchased.

Our main cruising ground is the Clyde estuary, Northern Ireland and the West Coast of Scotland. After 13 years wonderful service we sadly had to say goodbye to Seventh Wave. The time had come to operate a smaller less expensive vessel. CARIS, a 40ft Westerly Oceanlord has now joined us.

Aims and purpose

Our main aim is to offer CARISĀ to all types of groups and/or individuals as an affordable facility. She can be used for activities which include recreation, educational work, team building, environmental awareness and personalĀ  development.

Along with taking family groups, schools, business folk, and many other types of people, a major use of Seventh Wave is for church related activities. These include spiritual retreats, training, leadership away times, outreach work and pastoral care.

What we offer

  • A top of the range, comfortable and powerful yacht which complies with government commercial safety requirements.
  • Friendly flexible high quality personal service, specifically catering for each group and their needs.
  • Very good value regarding costs, with subsidies (where possible) to help those who have financial difficulties.
  • An experience that will make you gasp with wonder, smile with joy and bring health to your bones!